This page shows some of the photos of when I was in the RAF and ground crew with the Red Pelicans


Not very good quality they've been scanned Click on an image to enlarge

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Red Pelican ground crew team. That's me on the right. Sheena and Alex then Chris and me after a Red pelican show Red Pelican Jet Provost Mk4 formation Red Pelican No 2
Red Pelican Air and Ground crew Red Pelican 1967 front cover of the brochure Red Pelican display team 17 Photo Reconnaissance Squadron 1968

These were taken when I was posted to RAF Little Rissington. my first posting after joining the RAF in 1966. It was an excellent posting because I got onto the ground crew team of the Red Pelicans. We would fly with the aircraft, Jet Provost Mk 4's, and sometimes even do the shows with them. When we were returning from a show we would sometimes do a low fly past over where we were living just outside Northleach, just to let Chris know I was on my way home. Strangely enough the other day we were passing Swansea airport where we did a display in '67 and I remember one of the team touched the ground on landing with his tip tank and made a hole in it. We got a lift down to the nearest motor factors and bought a glass fibre kit and patched the hole so that we could all get home. I don't think we could get away with that sort of thing today.